Condolences and Honorariums (more coming soon)

Hola Joyce,

How are you? and Sam?
I feel really sorry for the death of a genious like Billy, i'm sad.
It was a pleasure for me to shake his hand and had the chance of meet him.
Such a great musician it's dificult to be.
I didn't have the chance to know him better, but i just can say that a big
lose for the art it just happen.
The future will put him in the line of other genious like Dali, Picasso,
Leonardo Da Vinci, Miguel Angel, Lennon, Beethoven or Mozart to name some of
the big cultural men on the history of humanity.
Here again, i feel a little bit more sad for the losed of a man of culture.
Future will put everybody in its place, and there's a good seat for Billy in
Our memories will make him live forever.

In peace and love, Xavi